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Akatsuki (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Character Select Artwork).png
Name Unknown (refer to Prototype 1)
Gender Male
Tactical Equipment Blitz Motor - Proto-1
Weapon/Power Karate
Taktischeblitzanzug - Proto-1
Series Akatsuki EN-Eins
First Appearance Akatsuki Prototyp Nr. 1
First Fighting Game Debut Akatsuki Prototyp Nr. 1
Japanese Voice Shinobu Matsumoto
English Voice Kaiji Tang
Company Subtle Style
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Akatsuki (Resurrected War Demon Thunder God or Experiment 1), is the first titular protagonist in the Akatsuki EN-Eins series, starring in Akatsuki Prototyp Nr. 1, and its retitle updates Akatsuki Blitzkampf (Ausf. Achse), except in EN-Eins Perfektewelt where he is the deuteragonist.

He returns in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle as one of the Season 2 DLC playable characters.


Akatsuki is a man of mystery who worked for Imperial Japanese Army during a WW2, up until 1955. After forming a Military Technique Research alliance called Gesellschaft organization with Fritz, Adler (from Ahnenerbe), Mycale, and Akatsuki Zero, they discover an energy source from Agartha, which was found beneath Tibet, then begin the creation of Blitz technology, such as Blitz Motor. Akatsuki is the first successful voluntary of the Blitz Motor equipped super soldier program, earning the code name "Experiment 1", and endowed with a vital secret, from anyone else. While deporting amount of Blitz Motors, Akatsuki's ship was stranded in the Artic, and he was believed to have been killed in action. However, he managed to survive after being frozen in ice for fifty years.

After awakening from his long slumber at year 2005 AD/2665 BC, he returned to his homeland to discover the scenery had become all too unfamiliar. Despite not knowing left from right in this land, but learning that Akatsuki Zero (now goes by the name Murakumo (or Murakumo Zero to avoid being mistaken for Senran Kagura’s Murakumo)) was the one who sabotage his ship and recently compromised Gesellschaft into the rise of regiment power secretly as it is today, he fully intends to accomplish the mission that he was entrusted with: "In the event the mission fails, destroy the Blitz Motor and erase all traces of its existence".

While being hunt down by those who are aiming for his prototype Blitz tech for their own purposes (whether they are unwitting pawns to Gesellschaft or not), Akatsuki manage to get in touch with his old friend, Fritz relating to Geselschaft’s abuse of using Blitz Motors ever since, revealing that Adler remain with Murakumo for his own sinister research.

There is a possibility after he defeated his universe's Murakumo that he saved EN-Eins, who is a sole survivor of his cloning batch, before they begin to hunt the remaining Gesellschaft's army led by Mycale (now known as Perfecti), but in separate ways. Only problem is that Murakumo survived in a new body, who happens to be his clone, Senke Misa, Kanae's former superior. When Mycale (now known as Perfecti) took over Gesellschaft's assets back its originator, The Perfecti Orders of Knights Templar, and declare a war on humanity in 20XX AD, Akatsuki is one their primary targets. Realizing Antartica might be the actual source where Blitz technology's energy source was found in ancient times, he set to destroy it to ensure no one will found it to create more Blitz tech ever again.


  • He is the first and currently only downloadable titular male character of his series.
    • He is also the first male character to be one of the titular protagonists of his home series, just as Team RWBY members are. The other protagonist of his series being a recently datamined EN-Eins.
  • Akatsuki’s special interactions with Akihiko Sanada is a nod to both of their English voice actors use to voice Type-Moon’s Nasurverse franchise character from Fate series, the original Archer/EMIYA (the alternate future reality’s Shiro Emiya).
  • Akatsuki guest appearing in Under Night In-Birth, where he instead woke up in a different timeline that is not based on his home universe's timeline. Due to this, all characters hailing from his home series will use sprite and effect graphic styles as Under Night characters (excluding Blitztank, whose sprite graphic style is different), starting from first Under Night guest series before his home series, and Type-Moon's Melty Blood Remake timeline series (since Type Lumina). Unfortunately in Akatsuki's case (safe for the Astral Skill BGM), he has Under Night In-Birth style Infinite Worth (EXS) Portrait Animations and Background, due to being a guest there, instead of the ones from the sequel En-Eins Perfektewelt.
  • Thankfully, as many pre-Under Night In-Birth veteran players (mostly Japanese) already told the new players from mistaken Akatsuki for that series’ character, French Bread and Subtle Style help the old players to remind the new players where Akatsuki actually come from prior Under Night during Mori’s interview. Same goes to another Under Night guest who is somehow datamined, the sole representative of Type-Moon’s Melty Blood of Nasuverse, Sion Eltnum Atlasia.
  • Despite representing his home series, he is still missing in Special Edition cover.
  • Akatsuki is the only protagonist who isn't a starring character in this game's storyline.
  • Akatsuki has color palettes of the following characters: Sin Kiske and Faust (Guilty Gear), Bang Shishigami (BlazBlue), Chie Satonaka, Sion Eltnam Atlasia (Melty Blood), Neptune Vasilias (RWBY) and Lelouch vi Britannia Lamperouge (Code Geass)
    • Thus, Akatsuki and Tohru Adachi are the only known characters who don’t have any Under Night-related palettes.
    • Akatsuki's Guilty Gear colors happens to be a hybrid between two characters: The battle color akin to Sin, while the coat and lightning effects are akin to Faust, instead of Sin's red lightning color on the latter Faust-based color. It can also be a nod to his English voice actor voices Faust since Guilty Gear Xrd.
    • Akatsuki's Sion color palette is based on her appearance Under Night In-Birth, whether the latter's current design which first appeared in French-Bread's original game act as an early bird appearance before appearing in Remake timeline series of Melty Blood, or not.
  • Interestingly, Akatsuki has an interaction with all of the protagonists except for Ruby, Yu, and Yumi.
    • This may likely as of the current game, like Asuka being replaced by Yumi, Akatsuki being replaced by EN-Eins on primary protagonist roles.

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