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BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle ブレイブルー クロスタグバトル


Arc System Works (Project BB Team)
French Bread
Rooster Teeth


JP Arc System Works
NA Arc System Works America, Inc.[1][2]
EU PQube


Toshimichi Mori
Yūki Katō
Higuchi Konomi


Daisuke Ishiwatari
Atsushi Kitajoh
Shoji Meguro
Jeff Williams
Steve Goldshein
Alex Abraham
Nobuyoshi Sano
Atsushi Ohara
Ayako Saso
Shinji Hosoe
Takayuki Aihara


PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Arcade

Release Date(s)

May 31 2018 (JP)
June 5, 2018 (NA)
June 22, 2018 (EU)
April 25, 2019


Original Price
$70 (Deluxe Edition)
Depends on the Regions[3]

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, is a 2D crossover tag team fighting game developed by Arc System Works, released on consoles and PC on May 31, 2018. The Arcade Edition was announced on January 25, 2019 to be released in April 25, 2019, with the location test sets in February 9 - 10, and at Toushinasai on March 23 - 24.


The character roster consists of the characters from the mostly licensed fighting games series involving Project BB Team, such as from Arc System Works' own BlazBlue, Atlus' Persona 4 Arena, French Bread's Under Night In-Birth, and Rooster Teeth's anime-styled cartoon RWBY, later followed by Examu’s Arcana Heart and the unidentified cyan colored 6th fate. The character art for this game is drawn by Higuchi Konomi who previously worked as a character designer of the XBLAZE series.


This game will be a 2-on-2, two dimensional, tag team fighting game, which allows the player to switch between characters during a fight. Each character from both players has their own health bar.

The gameplay will not be similar as neither the said past fighting game series’ gameplay (not counting RWBY). Yet, some of their previous gameplay mechanics are retained and revamped, such as:

  • There are only five button inputs: A and B normal attacks, Crash Assault/Sweep (a C button), Tag (a D button) and Partner Skill (an Assist button)
  • ”Heat Gauge” is renamed Skill Gauge.
  • A new system called Cross Gauge, which is mainly used for Tag-based combos.
    • By consuming 2 “Cross Gauge” through pressing all 5 main buttons, Cross Burst will have the player’s secondary character to enter the fight while attacking their opponents, just as their main character retreat back.
    • ”Overdrive” from BlazBlue is now dubbed as Resonance Blaze, and can only be activated after the player’s teammate is down. The Resonance Blaze activation grants the player to refills the meter quickly, makes all Distortion Drives stronger, regenerates health, and can cancel Skills to Distortion Skills. However, Resonance Blaze can only be activated once like Instant Kill activation in Guilty Gear, except only renders Cross Gauge useless.
      • When 2 players’ own partner are defeated while the Cross Gauge level reaches Level 4 and activates Resonance Blaze state, Astral Skill can be accessible through costing 9 Skill gauges with the command input down three times+2 higher normal buttons simultaneously.
    • Once activated the Cross Combo by pressing Partner Skill+Tag buttons simultaneously at 1 gauge, the player’s partner will follow the suit of their main character, and attack their opponents, but will deplete slowly to 0. While holding Partner Skills after “Cross Combo” Activation, the gauge in the middle of the screen will increase until it reaches maximum where the Partner Skill is usable via any directions+Partner Skill button. It also put the characters into Resonance Blaze state without rendering Cross Gauge useless while still having their partners alive.[4]
  • The B+C throw button function is retained from BlazBlue.
    • As a result, the button function of “Furious Action” moves from Persona 4 Arena, which is very common for Dragon Punch-based move can only be activated by pressing A+Tag.
  • Using special moves with C button as an EX move retained from Under Night In-Birth.
  • Standing C is a Crash Assault. An Overhead attack which is unblockable against crouching opponents. After landing the attack, the timing which the player press the button will affect amounts of damage.
    • Cross System version of Crash Assault can be activated by pressing Partner Skill button, which switches the player’s main character who performs the Distortion Skill with their secondary character who will follow the main character with Distortion Skill.
  • Jumping C act as an Air Combo Finisher, with some of the characters' Jumping C were originally Air Special Moves, much like Smart Combos' certain moves. However, some can still be cancellable.
  • Normal string attacks mechanic is based on Under Night In-Birth, such as having Crouching C as the primary sweep attack, and “Passing Link” chain normals.
  • An Auto-Combo called Smart Combo can be activated with either tapping A or B normals.
  • New input function for Distortion Skill Moves can only be activated through using special move command input+2 higher normal buttons simultaneously, which cost 2 Skill Gauges.


Cross Tag Battle will have the first four sided storyline episodes called “Episode Mode”, which may tell the episode stories of all playable cast from each of four consisting series.

Inside a dimension called the “Phantom Field”, chosen individuals from four different worlds appeared. Then, a mysterious voice told them that if they want to return to their world, they need to protect something called the "key stone". With that, the warriors begin fighting each other to steal their key stones.

Playable Characters/ControversiesEdit

The starting roster confirms to have 20 default rosters (21 in PC version) and 20 Season 1 DLC characters (19 on PC version), totaling 40 characters.[5][6] As a result for the half of game’s planned roster, this game caused backlash from fighting game fans who have been promised a large roster at launch, while also citing that the game uses mostly reused assets from earlier Arc System Works fighting games. Robert Ramsey of Push Square called the title ugly compared to Arc System Works' other project, Dragon Ball FighterZ.[7] Season 2 DLC characters has been planned, according to Arc System Works president Minoru Kidooka, including this game's producer Mori, starting from their appearances in Arcade Edition on April 25, 2019.[8]

Bold Italic denotes for DLC characters
* denotes for DLC characters who appeared as default character at PC version’s launch
(number) denotes for which Season Pass the DLC characters come from


Persona 4 ArenaEdit

Under Night In-BirthEdit


Arcana HeartEdit

Downloadable ContentsEdit

  • Character All-in-One Pack: Cost $20. Also available for FREE via Limited Edition DLC Code or Deluxe Edition. Each Character Set Pack includes 3 characters, and cost $5, or FREE at the set packs' console release date for 2 weeks. Single Character Packs cost for FREE permanently, while in PC’s case can only be available at launch by default or in the future arcade time release-like update patches.
    • Season 1:
      • Character Pack Vol. 1 (June 5, 2018): Blake Belladonna
        • Available at PC Launch by default
      • Character Pack Vol. 2 (June 19, 2018): Yang Xiao Long
        • Available at PC time release update patch
      • Character Set Vol. 1 (June 5, 2018): Platinum the Trinity, Kanji Tatsumi, Orie Ballardiae
        • Pre-Order Basic PC Edition FREE for Limited Time until July 6, 2018
      • Character Set Vol. 2 (June 19, 2018): Jubei Mitsuyoshi, Aigis, Carmine Prime
      • Character Set Vol. 3 (June 19, 2018): Hakumen, Naoto Shirogane, Vatista
      • Character Set Vol. 4 (August 6, 2018): Tsubaki Yayoi (Izayoi), Mitsuru Kirijo, Merkava
      • Character Set Vol. 5 (August 6, 2018): Mai Natsume, Akihiko Sanada, Yuzuriha
      • Character Set Vol. 6 (August 6, 2018): Nine the Phantom, Labrys, Mika Returna
    • Season 2: Also featuring the characters from Examu's Arcana Heart (due to its pink color square) and an unidentified cyan colored 6th fate. According to Arc Live at December 6, 2018 and ArcNama in Mid-January 2019, this pack was announced at January 24, 2019, starting from initially appearing in Arcade Edition. Initially had other character interactions aside assist calls forgotten, but Arc System Works eventually responds in May 23, 2019 to fix this sooner
      • Character Set Vol. 7 (April 25 (Arcade), and May 21 (DLC)) 2019): Naoto Kurogane, Teddie, Seth the Assassin, Heart Aino
  • Color Packs: Cost $3 Each Pack.
    • June 5, 2018: Pack 1 - 3

Early Purchase BonusEdit

This PC exclusive FREE DLC contains both digital artbooks and 15 soundtracks (4 last others consist previous main BlazBlue arcade intro songs), which are not be used in the game.

Released on June 5, 2018, also part of Pre-Order Basic Edition for Limited Time until unlocked on July 6, 2018.

  • 4 variants of Crossing Fate based on each four selected series
  • Resonance (Ending)
  • System (System XX/Final Boss Theme)
  • BBTAG Special Theme Mix for 4 primary RWBY Team Members
  • 4 previous original installments of mainline BlazBlue’s arcade openings
  • Opening version of Crossing Fate (BlazBlue ver.)

Limited Edition BonusesEdit

  • Special box with special collaborative illustration by Tochimichi Mori (Arc System Works), Shigenori Soejima (Atlus), Seiichi Yoshihara (French-Bread), and Ein Lee (Rooster Teeth)
  • “Character All-in-One Pack” DLC code
  • Art book
  • Acrylic standy (PS4 version-only)
  • Multi storage pouch (Switch version-only)






Neo BlazBlue RadioEdit


  • Since RWBY originated in North America, RWBY characters start out with English as their default voice.
    • Originally, the RWBY characters were the only ones to have dual audio between English and Japanese, until it was confirmed by Arc System Works that the characters from each of the three other franchises aside from RWBY will also have an English dub.
      • Cross Tag Battle marks the first time that BlazBlue characters who made their fighting game debuted in Central Fiction like Es and Naoto K., Under Night In-Birth and Arcana Heart cast has been dubbed in English. While characters who were NPC prior to Central Fiction like Jubei, Nine, and Mai had previously been dubbed in English, this marks the first time that character has been playable.
      • Selecting characters’ language individually is similar to other Arc System Works’ published only collaboration game, Lab Zero’s Skullgirls (in its last 2nd Encore update). However, individual characters’ language selections have already been done by Capcom since Street Fighter IV onwards.
      • Though the English dubbing for all sides was confirmed however, unfortunately unlike other recent Arc System Works' fighting games, Dragon Ball FighterZ, non-RWBY English cast still uncredited, nor announcing the main title when switching to Western subtitles and voices. This should be fixed in the future update.
  • Cross Tag Battle marks the return of a Persona game to PC after many years of the port’s hiatus since the first Persona game.
  • The first Under Night In-Birth and Arcana Heart game to appear on a Nintendo console.
  • The first console exclusive fighting game for both the BlazBlue, Persona 4 Arena and Under Night In-Birth series, not counting title updates.
  • This is the RWBY series’ second video game appearance following RWBY: Grimm Eclipse, as well as the first arcade game for this series.
  • Prior to the EVO Japan Build, Under Night In-Birth and RWBY characters didn’t have secondary Distortion Drive.
  • Currently, non-BlazBlue cast members do not have their respective emblems (the Persona Cast’s Arcana Card and Persona Burst animation, the RWBY Cast’s Semblance Emblems and Arcana Heart Cast’s Spirit of Arcana Elements) displayed for Resonance Blaze Activations. The Under Night In-Birth cast has had practically no emblems within their home series.
    • This is similar case to Astral Skill starter, whereas BlazBlue cast reused their Astral Heat/Resonance Blaze emblems, Persona cast reused Awakening/Eye Cut-In, Under Night In-Birth cast reused their Infinite Worth portrait, while Arcana Heart cast reused Critical Heart backgrounds, except RWBY cast has none nor has their Semblance emblems reused.
  • Currently, the character BGM's are reused from the characters’ first fighting game appearances. As of finalized version, BlazBlue and RWBY cast’s BGMs are looped to fit well with the BGM style from Persona, Under Night In-Birth and Arcana Heart.
    • As for RWBY cast’s case, their BGMs are mixed between 5 current Volumes of their character themes.
  • Although Persona 4 Arena Ultimax is the latest update/sequel of Persona 4 Arena, the Persona characters are miscredited as from the original Persona 4 Arena. This is likely an error on their miscredited logo representative, as the cast mentioning Labrys already joined the Shadow Operatives and Yu already returned to his old high school in this game’s storyline.
  • Currently, some Under Night In-Birth characters (mainly Hyde, Gordeau, Orie, Carmine, Mika, and Seth) still did not use their official full names, first names with nicknames, nor full nicknames in the official website, character select, and gallery for this game.
  • In promotional material, the four main characters from each franchise appear clock-wise: Ruby is on the top, Yu is on the right, Hyde is on the bottom, and Ragna is on the left. However, after the official artwork cover of the game was revealed, Ragna and Hyde switched positions.
  • Similar to Arc System Works’ other current game in 2018, Dragon Ball FighterZ, the beta demo only available outside PC.
  • It is revealed from the game’s datamine that Senran Kagura was planned to join this game, but was ultimately dropped while leaving the voice samples of Asuka and Yumi unused. Yet “Marvelous”, the name of the video game company which known developing Senran Kagura series, acting as one of the combo announcements for Crash Assault. As well as the green section that is used for ETC (Gameplay settings) originally meant for this series’ inclusions.
    • If this series cast were made playable, they would have in Examu-styled sprites since Homura’s inclusion in Nitroplus Blasterz crossover fighting game, which somehow foreshadowed the appearance of Examu’s very own Arcana Heart for this game.
    • The announcer of other Senran Kagura cast are eventually being added for potential Season 2.
  • Only Blake and the other characters of first 3 announced DLC packs appear in the storyline as the opponents. However, Yang only appears in her CG portrait there.
  • BlazBlue is the only Episode to have 4 multiple endings.
  • Unlike Special/EX and Distortion Skills, Astral Skill is still written as ”Astral Heat”.
  • There has been also few controversial issues in PC version:
    • Graphic Issues on certain Driver. For NVIDIA user, there is a method.
    • The price on Blake is supposed to be FREE permanently, not with expensive currency $20. Blake was FREE in a few hours ago. The pricing is fixed alongside DLC Character Pack 1 after PS4 & Switch, with Blake is made default and Yang is available at update patch time release in this version.
    • File Assets are different than in PS4 & Switch.
    • Few issues on certain controllers, functions, and keyboards.
  • Examu, most commonly on their Arcana Heart series had been foreshadowed in the last EVO 2018 Trailer to appear in Season 2.
    • Furthermore that Cyan colors from Season 2 based on leaked data happens to represents Subtle-Style’s Akatsuki En-Eins series instead of CyGames’ Granblue Fantasy for quick promo purposes.
  • It is one of the few post-console Arcade games to allow players playing with controllers on the Arcade machine, in this first case, PlayStation 4 controller.
  • In Season 2, there are unannounced characters added under announcer files, including recently added Akatsuki En-Eins and supposed one of Season 1 representative series Senran Kagura.
    • Despite both Akatsuki and Sion Eltnum Atlasia are guests fighters from Subtle-Style’s titular series and Type-Moon’s Melty Blood, they are still listed as Under Night In-Birth by the announcer.
    • As Arc System Work’s original IP Guilty Gear and French-Bread’s licensed game Type Moon’s Melty Blood are still disconfirmed, meaning that Sion still unconfirmed, considered that she’s a guest in Under Night In-Birth.
  • If Senran Kagura cast added to this game and may use Examu-style sprites as its character Homura since Nitroplus Blasterz, while Akatsuki En-Eins cast may uses French-Bread-style sprites since Akatsuki’s guest inclusion in Under Night In-Birth.


Before this game was announced, Rooster Teeth, the creator of RWBY teased the possibility of a RWBY fighting game being revealed at Evo 2017 on their Twitter account.

On July 16th, 2017, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle was announced at the Evo 2017 championships, following Ryusei Ito's victory in BlazBlue: Central Fiction. Ruby Rose was revealed to be playable in the game via the announcement trailer, confirming the presence of RWBY characters and Rooster Teeth's involvement in the game. It was announced that Konomi Higuchi will serve as the game's lead character designer.

According to Toshimichi Mori on Famitsu Interview, this game will be exclusively to be released on console. Some characters are currently do not match well with BlazBlue Universe's sprite graphics, such as Persona 4 Arena's spinning juggle knockback sprites will be rotate to 45 celcius, and Under Night In-Birth characters' sprites will be redrawn to match out BlazBlue graphics. However, only Arcana Heart characters who are visibly got their sprite upgrades than the rest of the series sides. Although, there were no plans on including characters from other franchises such as from Guilty Gear in this game, despite Arc System Works’ awareness of this requests and wanted to expand it in the future, if possible, starting from Arcana Heart itself for this game. The game's main target crowd is the fans abroad rather than in Japan.

It was announced on October 15, 2017 to be released for PlayStation 4, PC & Nintendo Switch.

After the 2017’s New York Comic Con events, Arc System Works created a survey to hear the fans’ opinions for this game on their official website, until it is closed on November 5, 2017 at 8:00 AM.

An American branch of Arc System Works will publish the North American version of this game.

According to Mori at Famitsu interview, regarding of the full-game and DLC prices ever since this game sudden have a controversy regarding of the roster size and inclusions, their release currencies will cost at lower prices, so that more people can get the game and play.


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