• ScottKazama

    This blog page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION

    These denote are for characters who should be excluded for reasons as of current face to face crossovers:

    • Bold denotes for other forms of already available characters within the same timeline (Jin Kisaragi and Hakumen does not count due to the latter being the former’s AU/AT counterpart, following timeline routes from Dragon Ball)
    • Italic denotes for Echo Fighters (characters who shared (almost every) sprite animations (mainly standing, crouching, jumping, walking & air dashing, as well as specific move animations) (sometimes effects count) (not all of them) w/ different gameplay & attributes)
    • Characters with link denotes for confirmed

    • Taokaka [タオカカ]
    • Arakune [アラクネ]
    • Litchi Faye Ling [ライチ=フェイ=リン, Rachi Fei Rin]
    • Carl …

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  • ScottKazama

    Series Traits

    March 24, 2019 by ScottKazama

    It still in progress to be moved in the actual page.

    Series Traits is about the contents and gameplay mechanics on each series sides, including certain characters. One of the gameplay mechanics are exclusive for certain series

    • Known only One Name: Despite a recent official confirmation of their full name/last names, full alias and full nickname, it is still mostly applied to Under Night In-Birth cast and some majorities of BlazBlue cast like Hazama, Es and Jubei on only official website of Cross Tag Battle character select, customized and gallery.
    • Sprites:
      • Same Resolutions: Only BlazBlue and Persona 4 Arena, and RWBY and Arcana Heart cast to share a same resolution sprites in 720p for 1024p gameplay for the two former, and 1024p for 1080p gameplay for the…

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  • Densetsu1999

    Hyde Kido






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  • Densetsu1999

    Saki Tsuzura

    Kamui Tokinomiya


    Maori Kasuga



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