Arcana Heart, (アルカナハート, Arukana Hāto) is an all-female fighting game series created by Examu. Examu had a long history with Arc System Works as one of the most recurring HD sprite-based fighting game competing companies. Aside Arc System Works, Examu also had a history with Atlus America, whereas Atlus published the North American release of the first game, while Arc System Works published the third game during BlazBlue era. Before BlazBlue, Arcana Heart is one of the oldest games alongside BlazBlue's spiritual predecessor, Guilty Gear, and Subtle-Style’s Akatsuki En-Eins.

In BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Arcana Heart characters no longer need to select any different Arcana Elements, leaving them set by their default Arcana. Additionally, their sprites are being upgraded than the rest of the characters from different series, just like Heart’s previous appearance in Nitroplus-related crossover fighting game Nitroplus Blasterz: Infinite Duel (published by Marvelous, in addition of Senran Kagura’s Homura), and so as the series’ stages being updated to the 3D-based area, except missing the walking sprite animations. The series’ inclusion was foreshadowed by Examu’s involvements in Cross Tag Battle, as shown on the end credits, as well unused Senran Kagura-related files. It is also for the volunteering companies’ budget saving, with Arcana Heart series itself is very easy to pick than Senran Kagura. Due to likely because Team Red’s Guilty Gear moved on to 2.5D era, Arcana Heart still has a chance to enter the fray instead. In this game, Arcana Heart characters has their Homing Dash Mechanic on their EX, which is now only applied to during jump only, or may cost 1 gauge like an EX if used to cancel from certain special/EX moves.

Main Games:

  • Arcana Heart
  • Arcana Heart 2
    • Suggoi! Arcana Heart 2
  • Arcana Heart 3
    • Arcana Heart 3 Love Max
      • Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars
        • Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars Xtend

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