Persona (also known as Shin Megami Tensei: Persona) is an RPG spin-off series of Megami Tensei series created by Atlus (later parented with Sega ever since the bankcrupt of Index Corporation after Persona 4 Are a’s release).

Persona Arena series is spin-off fighting game sequel to the original RPG of Persona games co-developed with Arc System Works' Team BlazBlue, starting from continuing the story of Persona 4 (mainly its Golden update), with additional characters from Persona 3. It all started when Persona 4 director Katsura Hashino wanted to make Persona fighting game, until BlazBlue came out, as he began to request Arc System Works for this game developement in 2008, which eventually be accepted for their collaborations, with Atlus in charge of the plot, script and character designs, while Arc System Works has Team BlazBlue handle the gameplay system. Arc System Works announced in 2018 that the future third Persona Arena series is currently planned.

In BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, when the user’s Persona is hit, the user’s health will deplete as well, akin to the effect that was first shown in Persona 4 Animation and Manga adaptions instead of the having Persona 4 Arena’s separated Persona Health Bar.

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