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RWBY (ルビー,Rubī) is a web-anime-styled cartoon series created by Rooster Teeth, with the-late Monty Oum was the original creator of the series, the original English Voice Actor of Lie Ren who is succeeded by one of his brothers, Neath Oum in post-Season 2, around the time after Monty passed away caused by illness in 2015.

As part of the tribute to the late-Monty Oum, he was a fan of BlazBlue games, leading the inclusion of almost every RWBY cast in BlazBlue crossover, Cross Tag Battle. The characters are highly based on pre-Volume 3 incarnation, with a bit from Rooster Teeth's own video game RWBY: Grimm Eclipse and post-Volume 2. However, due to being completely new to the cast’s 2D fighting game debut, the differences are:

  • The cast’s sprite renders are more detailed due to being drawn in 1080p resolution, unlike 3 other series cast (from BlazBlue, Persona, and Under Night In-Birth) who uses 720p resolution
  • Additionally, they don’t have an unused walk forward sprite animation.

Arc System Works continue their co-operations with Rooster Teeth in developing a licensed RWBY game alongside WayForward to be released around 2021 (known for developing its original IP, Shantae, including Arc System Work's River City (Kunio-kun in Japan) series latest game, River City Girls). Whether this new RWBY game also meant to expand Cross Tag's post-2.0 additions or completely separate from Cross Tag assets is unknown.

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