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Gordeau the Harvester
Harvester Gordeau (JP only)
Hābesutā Gorudō
Gordeau the Harvester (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Character Select Artwork).png
Name Gordeau
Gender Male
EXS Snatcher
Weapon/Power Demon Sickle: Devourer
Series Under Night In-Birth
First Appearance Under Night In-Birth
First Fighting Game Debut Under Night In-Birth
Japanese Voice Kosuke Toriumi
English Voice Ian Sinclair
Company French Bread
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Gordeau the Harvester (reversely as Harvester Gordeau in Japan), better known by his extended nickname The Greedy Harverster (The Ever-Victorious Mercenary or in Japan as The Invincible Mercenary), is one of the supporting anti-heroes who was formerly working for a presumable main antagonist faction, Amnesia. He is one of the playable characters in Under Night In-Birth and its updates. He returns in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle as a playable character.


The Strongest In-Birth who was formerly one of the founding members of Amnesia, an organization seeking to free the Hollow Night from the control of Licht Kreis and the Night Blade, Gordeau separated from the group to seek revenge for the death of his friend, Roger, who was turned into a Void by the strong influence of an Abyss, and eventually resulting being murdered at the hands of the Crimson Knight Miyashiro Erika Wagner, one of the more extremist members of the Licht Kreis. While he has defected to his own solo job as a mercenary, he still cares for his old comrades in Amnesia and is willing to put himself in harm’s way for their sake, even it means he’ll stop his former leader Hilda the Paradox from a dangerous outcome before she succeeded into a Re-Birth. Additionally, knowing that his inability to mercifully killed Roger was his fault, causing Wagner to indirectly took his place on mercifully killed a fallen Roger, and killing her would not return Roger back, Gordeau still irritated and despised by her presence because of her bad reputation within her belonged organization, Litch Kreis.

Before quitting Amnesia due to Roger’s tragic death, he use to be a bartender at days and regular nights, as well as being the one who recruited his other best friend, Bloody Chaos to join Amnesia in the first place. Eventually, Gordeau’s tragic departure is the reason why Chaos created new rules for their fellow members, to make sure histories never repeated itself as Roger’s downfall.


  • Under Night In-Birth producer and French-Bread founder, Nobuya Narita often jokes about Gordeau being the "true" protagonist instead of Hyde Kido, and accidentally marking the first non-BlazBlue character to have a rival theme with his only living best friend Bloody Chaos, before being followed by Hyde and his true main rival and the series' deuteragonist Seth the Assassin. Eventually he is also the first Under Night In-Birth character to have changed dialogues against specific character, in this case, his nemesis Wagner.
  • Gordeau has color palettes of the following characters: Testament (Guilty Gear), Kagura Mutsuki (BlazBlue), Junpei Iori (Persona 3 (4 Arena ver.)), Yuzuriha, Sun Wukong (RWBY), Gambit (X-Men), and Robin Hood (Fate series)

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