Jubei Mitsuyoshi
Jubei (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Character Select Artwork)
Name Jubei (current name)
Mitsuyoshi (former name)
Gender Male
Drive Sea Fire
Weapon/Power Nox Nyctores "Mucro Somnio: Musashi"
Series BlazBlue
First Appearance BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (NPC)
First Fighting Game Debut BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (NPC)
BlazBlue: Central Fiction (Playable DLC)
Japanese Voice Masaki Terasoma
English Voice Kirk Thornton
Company Arc System Works
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Jubei, formerly known as by his last name, Mitsuyoshi (One-Eyed Twin Lotus), is one of the supporting protagonists in the BlazBlue series. He returns as one of the Season 1’s DLC playable character in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle.


A legendary warrior once known as Mitsuyoshi, the One-Eyed Twin Lotus who fought as part of the Six Heroes. After defeating the Black Beast, Jubei married his comrade Konoe A. Mercury/Nine, and had a daughter: Kokonoe, who soon grew up to be the head of Sector Seven and an infamous SS-Class Criminal in her own right. The Kaka clan are genetically engineered weapons produced with his genetic material. When Terumi broke free from the mind control spell Nine had placed on him, Jubei began travelling the world to destroy the Cauldrons in the Hierarchical Cities to prevent his plans from being realized, a mission he would in turn pass to his apprentice, Ragna the Bloodedge.

Still feared as the strongest being to ever exist, Jubei's prowess as a warrior never diminished in his old age. His Shiranui Drive marks opponents and allows him to attack from almost any direction; combined with his weapons - the Musashi, a pair of katanas that can cut through souls, dimensions and the fabric of reality itself - and his tremendous martial arts experience, anyone who dares underestimate him will meet their end in the blink of an eye.

Trivia Edit

  • Although he was dubbed prior to BlazBlue Central Fiction as an NPC, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle makes the very first time Jubei (and the first previously NPC character who was made playable in Central Fiction) was dubbed in English during gameplay, followed by Nine the Phantom and Mai Natsume.
  • This is the second time Jubei remained as a DLC character since his playable debut in Central Fiction.
  • Jubei has color palettes of the following characters: Jam Kuradoberi (Guilty Gear), Nine the Phantom, Teddie, Gordeau the Harvester, and Ozpin (RWBY).
  • Jubei theme name texting in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle game was mispelled as “Stand Unricated” instead of “Stand Unrivaled”. Until it is on recent patches.

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