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Episode 1[]


In chapter 2, Ruby, alongside her teammate, Blake Belladonna had used a failed ambush tactic Ragna The Bloodedge and Gordeau The Harvester, then introduces herself and Blake, then after Blake almost complaining about their introduction, she interrupts her, talking about a friend's relationship starts off well, Blake saying depending on which relationship, then Gordeau asks what relationship were they looking for when they ambushed the two, Ragna made it clear that girls can't play around with their attacks if they're looking for a fight, then Ruby calls out to Blake's attention, interested in Ragna's Armasa and Gordeau's Devourer, making both them feel uneasy. Ruby wants to fight them due to them having weapons, then System XX shoves them into a match, with the two classmates from Beacon lost, then Ruby saw Ragna's Armasa turning into his Blood Sycthe, asking him if he made it himself, Ragna replying that he didn't make it, then after the girls chat about the keystone or not holding back against them they take their leave.

Persona 4 Arena[]

In Chapter 6, Ruby and Weiss ambush the Investigation Team and Ragna and attempt to steal both Yu and Ragna's Keystones. They then accuse the group of attempting to use the keystones for evil purposes, though Yu points out that the "voice" about conflicting information. Then Yu teamed up with Ragna to battle against the girls. After the fight, Ruby and Weiss finally understands the situation. Just as things were clearing up, Es shows up and take's Ruby's Keystone and transports both the girls into a safer location.

After Yu and yosuke defeat the Awakened Keystone, Ruby appears alongside Ragna, Noel, and Hyde in a new Phantom Field as one of the new transfer students of Yasogami High.

Under Night In-Birth[]

n Chapter 2, Ruby gets caught in Yosuke's bike accident and is stuck under him until Chie Satonaka notices her and urges her friend to get up. As Ruby recovers, they are approached by Hyde Kido, who mistakenly believes that Ruby is being bullied by Yosuke and Chie. He then summons Insulator, causing Ruby to get all excited and fervently ask Hyde about his sword. When the misunderstanding is cleared, they are prompted by the System XX to battle each other. At first, Ruby is against it but is later eager to battle Yosuke and Chie with Hyde when the System XX tells her that the Yasogami students have amazing weapons. After she and Hyde win, Ruby fervently pursues Yosuke and Chie as she wants to learn more about their Personas.

After Hyde and Linne destroy the Keystone's true form, Ruby appears with Yu in the Kanzakai Scramble Tag Battle Tournament and later challenges Aegis upon seeing the robot's arsenal of weapons.


n Chapter 1, Ruby and Weiss stumble upon Noel Vermillion and Makoto and discover that they have a Keystone. They try to launch a surprise attack but are quickly discovered by the demi-human. When Ruby and Weiss ask for Noel and Makoto to hand over the Keystone, the latter makes an accidental slip that they have a stone of their own. As they are prompted to battle, Ruby and Weiss fight and defeat Noel and Makoto, causing the latter two to retreat with their Keystone. Weiss then becomes suspicious of the tournament and parts ways with Ruby to investigate.

In Chapter 2, Ruby finds Hyde with a Keystone and prepares to fight him for it when the System XX tells them that they can only fight in a tag battle. Upon Hazama's sudden arrival, Ruby teams up with him against Hyde and Carmine and emerge victoriously. She then receives Hyde's Keystone from Hazama before he takes his leave.

In Chapter 3, Ruby has a run-in with Rachel Alucard, who is fleeing capture from Platinum the Trinity and Vatista. After learning from the latter two that the vampire knows something about the Phantom Field, Ruby is forced by Rachel to be her tag partner against Platinum and Vatista. After their victory, Ruby asks Rachel about their current environment and reveals her quest to collect the Keystones. She receives no answer but is instructed by the vampire to come to her after she collects all of the stones. When Rachel suddenly disappears, Ruby resolves herself to get the Keystones and get her team and herself back to their world.

In Chapter 4, Ruby is suddenly attacked by Hakumen, who demands her Keystone. She is then approached by Iron Tager and is warned by him about using the stones to return home. When Ruby tries to defend her actions and says Rachel's name, she is forced to face both Hakumen and Tager. She tries to run but is stopped by Hakumen when he shows her the Keystone that Noel had before. Upon Waldstein's sudden arrival, Ruby teams up with him against the samurai and devil. After winning the battle, she steals the Keystone Hakumen has and makes her escape.

In Chapter 5, Ruby reunites with Weiss and shows her all of the Keystones that she has collected so far. They are then confronted by Orie, who demands they hand over the stone that was taken from Hyde. Weiss argues that they had worked hard to collect the stones, and it will be a waste to return them back. When Orie reluctantly teams up with Gordeau, the Huntresses prepare to fight them. After they win, Ruby and Weiss walk away when Orie and Gordeau start to argue. At a safe distance, Weiss reveals her suspicions to Ruby about the tournament and they begin to worry about collecting the Keystones. Ultimately, Weiss decides that they should go ahead and find the last stone. When Ruby protests that something bad might happen, Weiss reminds her to believe in her teammates. They part ways with Ruby searching for the last Keystone and Weiss rounding up Blake and Yang.

In Chapter 6, Ruby finds the last Keystone in the hands of Yosuke and Yukiko Amagi. When she challenges them to a fight for the stone, she becomes excited when she mistakes them for a ninja and geisha. Upon remembering that she cannot fight alone, she is suddenly approached by Es, who offers her assistance.

In Chapter 7, Ruby collects the last Keystone but is later surprised when Es suddenly transports Yosuke and Yukiko away. She is further shocked when Es turns on her and demands the Keystones without giving a reason why. When Ragna suddenly appears and reveals that Es and Rachel are both hiding something about the Phantom Field, Ruby shares with him about the vampire's instructions to go to her with all of the stones with no information about the world and the tournament they are in. She is later surprised when Ragna makes himself her tag partner in order to battle Es and get the information they need from her. Ruby tries once more to just talk with Es but to no avail, prompting her to team up with Ragna. A Seithr clone of Ruby is made by Es to even the battlefield.

In Chapter 8, Ruby and Ragna demand answers from a defeated Es, who reveals that the Keystones are the core of the Phantom Field and that Rachel is the only one who can seal away the stones so that the world will collapse and return everyone to their worlds. Ruby then urges everyone to start searching for Rachel but is stopped by Hazama, who has become suspicious of the System XX who has been guiding Ruby. They all learn that the System XX has been gathering battle data thanks to Ruby holding the Keystone, and now plans to use the Huntress as a catalyst to shift the Phantom Field into the world of Remnant. Ruby is then attacked by the System XX but is protected by Ragna who takes the blow for her. As the Keystone reveals its true form, the Huntress confirms with Es that the only way for everyone to return to their worlds is to now defeat the stone. With both Ragna and Es too injured to fight and Hazama suddenly missing, Ruby worries about fighting the Keystone on her own when her teammates suddenly arrive. With her friends now by her side, her confidence is restored and she decides to take down the Keystone together with her team. Worried about Ragna and Es, Ruby directs Blake and Yang to protect them while she and Weiss fight the Keystone. Upon learning that Ragna protected Ruby earlier, Yang thanks him for saving her younger sister. Ruby and Weiss then prepare themselves to battle the Keystone.

After Ruby and Weiss destroy the Keystone, Team RWBY revels in their victory and the hope of returning home. When Hazama suddenly reappears, Ruby receives the red Keystone from him as everyone is returned to their respected worlds. She then wakes up in Team RWBY's dorm room and finds the Keystone in her hand, causing her to panic and searching for a way to dispose of it. Her teammates then enter the room and are shocked to find her in possession of the Keystone. The stone fervently apologizes to the team for its actions and assures them that it can now only maintain its physical form. Ultimately, Team RWBY decides to keep the stone to keep an eye on it and prevent it from doing anything suspicious. Ruby then gives a cheer for the team to fight for justice and to save people, to which they all happily agree.

Cooperative Ending[]

In Chapter 2, after Ruby and Blake lose to Ragna and Gordeau, they listen to the Grim Reaper's suspicions about the tournament and his conclusion that they might not even have to compete for the Keystones and that they should stop fighting each other. While Blake is unsure of Ragna's assumptions due to the lack of evidence, Ruby believes him and allows him to handle the stones, much to Blake and Gordeau's surprise. Ruby shares with Blake her belief that there is a chance that risking their lives for the Keystones will be pointless in the end, and she wants to fight for something that she is absolutely sure of. Ruby then asks Ragna to keep his Keystone safe before she and Blake take their leave.

In Chapter 9, Ruby and Weiss appear in the final stage with several fighters from the other three worlds. The Keystones then disappear from their possessions as the System XX reveals its final form. After Rachel reveals the nature of the System XX and concludes that the only way to stop it is to destroy it, Ruby, Weiss and everyone else rally Ragna to fight, despite the uncertainty of whether or not they will make it back to their worlds. Ruby then teams up with Ragna, Yu and Hyde and they destroy the Keystone together. Afterward, they all return to their original worlds.

Episode 2 - EXTRA[]

In Chapter 13, Ruby comes to aid of Naoto Kurogane, Yumi, Celica A. Mercury, and Heart Aino, as they face the gatekeepers of the final checkpoint at the train station: Hilda the Paradox and Gordeau. She reveals that she met Rachel shortly after she was warped into the Phantom Field, and was tasked by the vampire to find Kurogane and help him reach the goal. Ruby then teams up with Celica to fight Hilda and Gordeau, as the two girls both have four stamps and defeating Amnesia will earn them their final one. As Kurogane, Heart and Yumi continue to the goal, Ruby and Celica hold their own against the gatekeepers. But to their surprise, the girls are given their final stamp by Hilda, who sees their talents and asks them if they want to join Amnesia. Ruby and Celica quickly decline and make their escape.

As they make their way to the goal, Ruby assures Celica that Kurogane will be alright because he will receive even more help from Ragna, implying that she has also met the Crimson Grim Reaper as well while meeting Rachel. By the time when the contest is thought to be over as she and other contestant (including her teammates) arrive at the final level where Kurogane, Heart, Yumi, Rachel and Ragna are, unfortunately that System lost amount powers to return Ruby and the rest to their homeworlds. While awaiting for System’s recovery, Ruby and the rest of the fighters of seven chosen universe have no choice to attend a Cross Tag Battle Royale.