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Name Cross-Dimensional Observation System No. XX
Gender None (programmed as Female)
Weapon/Power Any combat datas she observed and gathered
Series BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
First Appearance BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
First Fighting Game Debut BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle
Japanese Voice Mitsuki Nakae
English Voice Carrie Keranen
Company Arc System Works

The Cross-Dimensional Observation System No. XX, known as System for short, is the main antagonist of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle.


According to Rachel Alucard, she was created by her father Clavis Alucard, from the fragments of Keystones, which splits into four to record any combat datas within each four selected universes through establishing a so-called universal Keystone Scramble Tag tournament, like the spy cameras, unaware to the chosen fighters. Originally, Clavis created her for the purpose of cross-dimensional observation and the creation of new possibilities, but gone haywire to start acting sentient on her own. Once all data has been gathered, she began her true conquest to conquer the universes she selected, then so may the rest of the unseen universes. It was revealed by the time Rachel found this abandoned, she accidentally activates System, and must undo her mistake to shut her down before the latter’s universal invasion begins.

If one data collected Keystone from winning universe is destroyed, just as the fighters of the winning universe obtain the piece of their respective Keystone, all other chosen worlds merge into the former said universe, corrupting the fabric of reality, only the inhabitants of the winning universe regain the memories of the previous cause and knowing what happened with their home universe.

Before she began her plan on her so-called tournament, she uses both Ragna the Bloodedge and Noel Vermillion as her test subjects.

BlazBlue Episode Ending ChoicesEdit

Unlike other Episodes, only BlazBlue side to have the choice endings: 1. If Ragna choose look for Noel again, don’t trust anyone. The ending will have Ragna leave a sleeping Noel to be found by Makoto Nanaya. 2. If Ragna choose to keep trusting Rachel, Rachel will explain Es’s purpose relating to not only Azure, as well as the Keystones in this ending. 3. If Ragna choose to trust Hazama Honoka, the Keystone will be on the latter, with Ragna’s younger brother Jin Kisaragi assist him. The ending will show Hazama’s future plan with his very own sinister plot far away from Ragna.

Quest to Cooperative EndingEdit

The Cooperative Ending, the 4th ending can only be applied on BlazBlue Episode, after unlocking 3 different BlazBlue endings, and clearing 3 other series episode’s respective endings, giving Ragna, the warrior whom System first summoned in the first place gains an opportunity to trust the heroes of 3 other worlds to keep their respective Keystones and keep in touch with each other, upon realizing something’s not right with the so-called tournament System held. However, Ragna still shouldn’t trust Hazama Honoka to unlock this route and avoiding to end up marching to the ending involving Hazama’s victory.

Once you have completed following the tips above, Cooperative Ending battle began to occur, where System transformed into her actual final form if all four Keystones are fused after gathering enough battle datas while they were under the hands of four leaders/primary protagonists. The only heroes she brought are Ragna, Yu Narukami, Hyde Kido, Ruby Rose, Rachel, Yosuke Hanamura, Linne, Weiss Schnee, Chie Satonaka and Yukiko Amagi. With the effort by Ragna and three other respective series’ own protagonists, System is finally being destroyed in this state, restoring all four worlds back to normal with no side-effects.


Depending on which series’ episodes, System has 4 main different forms based on her four selected universes. Eg.: If her form is blue, she can only summon the doppelgängers of Blazblue universe’s fighters.

If all datas within four Keystones has been gathered together while they were still under the hands of four leaders of respective universes, System will transform into the 5th final form and be able to summon all doppelgängers of the fighters from four chosen universes.