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Yang Xiao Long
Yan Shiao Ron
Yang Xiao Long (BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Character Select Artwork).png
Name Yang Xiao Long
Gender Female
Semblance Burn
Weapon/Power Dual Ranged Shot Gauntlets: Ember Celica
Series RWBY
First Appearance RWBY Yellow Trailer
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (Game Debut)
First Fighting Game Debut BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle
Japanese Voice Ami Koshimizu
English Voice Barbara Dunkelman
Company Rooster Teeth
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Yang Xiao Long (Sunny Little Dragon) is one of the main protagonists of the anime web series RWBY.

She made her first video game appearance in RWBY Grimm Eclipse and makes her first fighting game appearance in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle as one of the Season 1’s DLC characters.


The older half-sister of Ruby Rose and the fourth member of Team RWBY, her early years were marred with having to take care of her little sister after her birth mother, Raven, walked out and Ruby's mother, Summer, died. A lonely girl hiding behind a boisterous and party-loving attitude, Yang seeks to make sure Ruby is protected at all costs, even happily accepting her admission into Beacon Academy.


  • She shares a same Japanese voice actress as Yukiko Amagi.
  • Yang's character theme in BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, Yang Mix, features her character themes Armed and Ready, and I Burn. I Burn also her boost up theme, should her opponents put her into a "Danger" state, and the only character to have looped theme while in this state.
  • Yang is one of two DLC characters to appear in the opening cinematic for BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle with the 20 base characters, the other being her partner, Blake Belladonna.
    • Due to controversial issues on PC version‘s pricing, Blake is made as a 21st default character to appear at that version’s launch, while Yang is added via its time release update patch.
  • Though she appeared in the storyline, Yang only appeared in her CG portrait, meaning she cannot be fought due to being a DLC and not appearing in 3 other series’ Episodes.
  • Yang has color palettes of the following characters: Baiken (Guilty Gear), Makoto Nanaya, Chie Satonaka, Yuzuriha, her classmate Nora Valkyrie (RWBY), and her mother Raven Branwen (RWBY).

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